Free All Media is not a music streaming service and it’s not internet radio. Instead, we provide your fans with legal music downloads that are purchased for them by their favorite brands. Fans get – and own – the music they love. Brands get interaction with targeted, receptive customers. And artists get properly compensated for their work.


Music Artists are by far the most popular content on Facebook. Comprising 100’s of millions of fans. Free All Media encourages fans to share news of their download with their friends – drawing more fans to you. FAM becomes an effective and valuable content distribution channel. Branded FAM apps via Facebook will help build your fan base and keep them engaged. Most importantly you will know who your customers are.


If you represent an artist or label, contact us to arrage a custom, in-depth presentation about how FAM can be a catalyst for your social media efforts.


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Totally Paid For

With Free All Media, you get to download the song you want, by the artist you like…and the purchase is paid for by the advertising sponsor. Watch the video, get your music. It’s as easy as that. Not only is the music free…it’s DRM-free, too. So it will play pretty much anywhere.

Totally Legal

Music from Free All Media is music you own, thanks to our sponsoring brands. It’s yours to listen to whenever you want. With each download, you can spread the word on Facebook! Let your friends know about the song you just got and clue them in to Free All Media’s awesome library of free music.

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